Over the past decade building automation has continued to play a greater role in reducing energy costs and carbon emissions in facilities around the world. Much of this increase in efficiency can be attributed to today's advancements in system monitoring and control technologies. At the heart of these advanced and innovative systems are ADIs signal processing ICs that include A/D and D/A converters, amplifiers , power management, RFICs and so much more. ADI has the system level expertise and products to help make your building system design the best it can be.

  • Building Control and Automation
  • Today's sophisticated buildings require a higher level of energy efficiency, safety and comfort than ever seen before. To obtain peak operating performance in all of these areas simultaneously requires a complex and reliable network of accurate sensors and monitoring /control systems . Analog Devices offers an array of high performance reliable, signal processing solutions that make all of this possible. More...

  • LED General Lighting
  • LED's are becoming the preferred lighting technology in the industrial, office, and residential segments not only due to their high efficiency but also because they enable smarter lighting systems. Analog Devices is driving advanced features and high performance in the next generation of intelligent lighting systems with its portfolio of lighting IC products which include wireless solutions, LED drivers, intelligent occupancy sensors/DSPs, and energy measurement. More...

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • The comfort of a building's occupants is a top priority of any property manager. However, in today's environmentally conscious world it is a delicate balance between keeping people comfortable and conserving energy and operations costs. The best way to increase HVAC efficiency is to employ an accurate control and monitoring system. ADI offers complete signal chains to implement a variety of integrated, high quality HVAC control systems. More...

  • White Goods & Vending
  • Today's White Goods include more advanced elecronic user interfaces and displays, while at the same time becoming more energy efficient. Major Home Appliances of the future will also increasingly include wireless or wired connectivity options to allow seamless integration into Home Energy Management Systems. Through increased efficiency, connectivity, and control, household and building energy costs will thus be reduced without sacrificing performance. More...

RS-485 EMC

ADSP-BF70x Series

Featured Products

  • ADF7242

    ADF7242は、高集積度、低消費の高性能トランシーバで、グローバルな2.4GHz ISMバンドで動作します。この製品は、柔軟性、堅牢性、使い易さ及び低消費電流に重点を置いて設計されています。このICはIEEE802.15.4-2006の2.4GHz PHY仕様をサポートすると同時に、パッケト及びデータ・ストリーム・モードの両方において独自のGFSK/FSK/GMSK/MSK変調方式をサポートしています。最小限の外付け部品で、FCC CFR47 パート15、ETSI EN 300 440(クラス2機器)、ETSI EN 300 328 (FHSS, DR > 250 kbps)、及びARIB STD T-66 標準の規格を達成します。

    ADF7242はIEEE 802.15.4-2006 2.4 GHz PHY要求に準拠しており、250kbpsのデータ・レートとDSSS-O 続きを見るRead more

    ADF7242 ブロック図

    - トランシーバIC、低消費、IEEE802.15.4/独自のGFSK/FSK 0~IF2.4GHz

  • AD8495

    AD8494/AD8495/AD8496AD8497は、集積回路内に熱電対の冷接点補償回路を内蔵した、高精度の計装用ア ンプです。これらの製品は、あらかじめ校正されたアンプとアイス・ポイント・リファレンスの組み合わせによって、微弱な熱電対の信号を比較的高レベ ル(5mV/℃)の信号に増幅して直接出力します。これらのICはスタンドアロンのサーモ・メータとして、または固定もしくはリモート・セットポイント制 御のど 続きを見るRead more


    - 熱電対用アンプ、全機能内蔵、Kタイプ用0℃~50℃、冷接点補償機能付

  • ADF7023


    送信RFシンセサイザには、電圧制御発振器(VCO)と400Hzの出力チャンネルの周波数分解能をもつ、ローノイズのフラクショナルN PLLが内蔵されています。VCOは、スプリアス放出を軽減する 続きを見るRead more

    ADF7023 機能ブロック図

    - トランシーバIC、ISMバンド、高性能、低消費、FSK/GFSK/MSK/GMSK変調方式が可能

  • AD5750


    出力の電流範囲は以下の5つの電流範囲にわたってプログラムできます。4mA-20mA、0mA-20mA、0mA-24mA、±20m 続きを見るRead more


    - 電流/電圧出力ドライバ、工業向け、プログラマブルな出力範囲

Featured Video:

ADI Shows Modular Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

ADI Shows Modular Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

The WSN demo system from Analog Devices is used to demonstrate a complete ISM band network. This kit provides complete out-of-the-box functionality and includes a base station node along with sensor nodes that support several sensor types.

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